Sri Lanka Recap [Pictures]

Last year 2012, I had a trip to Sri Lanka, Colombo – a lovely place. A little too humid for my liking but not bad at all.┬áVery friendly people. I would go back any day!

Anyways, here is a summary of the trip in pictures

Colombo from the hotel balcony. It isn’t so big like I thought but very neat and not crowded at all

Did I already say they are very friendly? That was at the hotel with Cliff. With a very rare sweet juice local in Sri Lanka – Unfortunately I don’t remember its name.

I got to feed an elephant calf with a bottle and give the mother a shower

Then I got married at a gay wedding! – Ha!! That was my brother’s wedding. I am not exactly sure why the camera guy made us carry those flowers – but we looked happy holding them, uh?!

Me, Cliff and Chris

Me, Cliff and Chris at his wedding – Wish him and his awesome wife Noriko all the best.

Swimming time

Then there was this – I am not sure who the guy jumping the pool is ;)

sri lanka beach

the ocean. the Waves. the coastline. the beaches – It was fun!

Me and my brothers (Cliff and Chris) goofing around in the night after missing our flight – Yes, that too happened.

The Tumusiimes

Finally the Tumusiimes

What are your thoughts?!

thoughts so far!