SIM Registration – Is there anything to debate about it?!

There has been a lot of noise about this issue from bodies like; ICTAU, ULS and the like.. Yes they do raise a number of legit issues but lets face it, we are simply being lazy and raising excuses like we always do. Here are some things to take note of;

  1. There was a claim by a one Andrew Karamagi, I quote “For a population of over thirty five million, with only four million two hundred thousand National IDs collected… [skip skip], how are you going to re-register twenty two million phone users in the period you have provided?” –
    1. News flash, there are ONLY twenty two million SIM cards in use in Uganda – that is according to UCC.
    2. In 4 days out of the 7 days, MTN has communicated that eight million of MTN’s eleven million customers have re-registered their SIM cards.
      – Knowing the culture of Ugandans (as much as we like to deny it) we always do things last minute, the last two days will see a number of people re-register their SIMs more than those that did on day 1 and 2. If you do not believe this, send out invitation for an event and ask them to RSVP. Only 20% will confirm and an extra 90% will show up for the event – including the 10% that just got wind of the event. What does this tell you about Ugandans?
  2. There were claims about why the School IDs, Work IDs, Voter’s Cards, Driving Permits and Birth Certificates are not allowed documents. Here are my thoughts
    1. School IDs – these can be forged for a low as 5,000 UGX in any shop on Nasser or Nkrumah road. Plus they can’t be verified with ease. Imagine if you had 1,000,000 School IDs from over 1,000 schools, what sort of resources would be spent on verifying them?
    2. Same applies to Work IDs
    3. Voter’s cards – there are a number of people of that lied about their details just to get onto the registers, plus if the last elections are anything to go by, how many people did not have their details in the register? How many people had their details wrong?!
    4. Driving permits – Actually these I would support. With Face Technology, one is required to have their finger prints on file. If you lie about your name(s) or other details, that will be the person attached to your finger prints which can not be altered or forged, hence you shall permanently become that person.
    5. Birth Certificate – these are also easily forged for cheap.
      – With almost all those document not qualifying, this why the National ID is legit;

      1. there is one database that can easily be referenced with ease
      2. The details of this information are stored by one National body – NIRA, which makes them secure and dependable.
  3. There are claims that many people do not have the National IDs.
    1. Latest statistics shared by the NITA’s ED (as shared by NIRA) there are Seventeen Million registered citizens above 16 years with National ID and ONLY One million five two¬†hundred thousand National IDs have not been picked. Hence, 15.5¬†15.8 Million Ugandan’s have/had National IDs

With that cleared, next question is, do you as an individual think it is necessary to have your SIM re-registered or confirmed? If you think/know that it is necessary then stop the complaining and get off your bu** and get the process done.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 08.55.18

This is a process that will take you only a couple of seconds.

What are your thoughts?!

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