Profile & Bio

I am Mugume Collins, passionate about business, marketing, social media, technology and motor racing enthusiast.


May 2016, I started working with the biggest Television Network in Uganda, Africa Broadcasting Uganda Limited and I have to say it has been a very exciting journey, with major learning and new experiences.

I head the Marketing and digital departments for two TV stations; NTV Uganda and Spark TV.


I love business, I find business dev’t challenging – coming up with ideas and ways to monetize Ideas. I have started up a number projects (and of course failed a few) over the last few years.

I tweet a lot! About almost anything. Mostly #Startups #SocialMedia #ecommerce #Meka and a lot other topics that I find interesting from time to time. Go on and follow me, tweet me – I will reply ūüôā

My latest project is The Social Media Summit Uganda, we had our inaguaral event on 26th November 2014 at the Kampala Serena. It attracted over 200 people from SMEs, Startups and Government. Got over 11 Million (Yes! ELEVEN MILLION) impressions on Twitter in one day! Check the website for the Keynote slides and some pictures.

This event was organised by the digital agency that I manage, Intensity Technologies where we do Social Media Marketing, Social Media Training, Web Services and general Digital Marketing!

In 2012, I co-founded a project called Meka with Madra David in 2012 and launched at DEMO Africa in Nairobi  in October 2012

I do Social Media Consultancy as well spend countless hours gaming – well whenever I can make it happen. Thank God, Lucas at 4 yrs already loves gaming – it is our bonding time (That is when I am not fighting with him over whose turn it is to use the tablet computer or my work laptop)

Current Projects and Ventures

The Social Media Summit Uganda, is an industry-led Summit and Networking Event. It is an annual event, the inaugural event happened at Kampala Serena on November 26, 2014.
#SMUg14 was a showcase of social media best practices in Strategy, execution and idealization from withing Uganda and across the world.

Meka is a web and mobile service designed to help buyers quickly find information about cost, availability and location of items that they are interested in. Meka is the largest product related database in Uganda and presents real-time information readily accessible to end users. helps making sending money to loved ones in Uganda fast, easy and cheap. We offer real time (takes only seconds) money transfer services from Credit/Debit cards straight to Mobile Money Wallets in Uganda. With over 9 million Mobile Money users out of over 14 million mobile users, this is the perfect solution to sending money home!

Zikify is a music stream¬† website for East African music. Not yet officially launched. Featured on Afrinnovator “The most exciting mobile apps from Africa”

Techzine Magazine was the first monthly print technology magazine in Uganda.Unfortunately I had to stop print due a number of unavoidable reasons though we try as much as possible to keep the online version running and updated.

Uganda is the Pearl of Africa. Everyday for us Ugandans is an opportunity to take pride in who we are. Our days are not made by huge, big glories but little simple joys. This is what myUganda256 is about. For the next 256 days: we let you into our Ugandan world through different pictures. If you are Ugandan, join the party. Take a picture via instagram and tag it #myUganda256 or #uganda256 and it will be loaded onto myUganda256. Share your picture on Twitter and tag it #256moments.

Apps Uganda is a website that features Mobile Apps developed in Uganda or by Uganda as well as profiles of the Developers РI am still working on completing this project[/tab][/tabs]

Articles & Publications

These are some of the articles that I have been mentioned related to my work

Kenyan and Ugandan start-ups  make location pay its way
 By Fiona Graham


Social Media in Uganda
by David Girling


 Kampala Rising РPhoto Story
The urban, connected and enterprising youth have taken control of technologies at hand to build a different  Uganda.
By Ciril Jazbec

 The Kampala Rising Photo Story was Featured in Wired UK
Meet the young entrepreneurs turning Kampala, Uganda into a tech hub
 by Madhumita Venkataramanan


Presentation at  DEMO Africa 2012