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Links I stumble upon and find Interesting  – This tool was written to make my Java programming life easier. It can be used to build graphical user interfaces (GUI) for the Android cell phone platform.

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Rooting and Installing Android Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy S3

Since the time I owned my first Android phone I have been a huge hater for the Iphone. Early last month, I got a Samsung Galaxy SIII. It is a pretty awesome phone and well delivers according to expectations.

Anyways, this post is not about promoting the phone but rather about the decision and steps I made today. I get bored of stuff really fast -If you didn’t know, now you know!

Hardly two months with this awesome phone I am already bored of the Android version it had – It comes with Android Ice cream 4.0.(1). So today I decided to root it and install a new ROM -Jelly Bean, which is the latest Android version. So here are the steps in case there is someone out there that might want to do the same.

Step 1: Back Up

For some reason Samsung Kies failed to back up all my data. So I had to find a different solution. I searched the net for awhile and found Ultimate Backup Tool which was able to back up all my items even though the phone wasn’t rooted yet. See details how to use the tool here

Step 2: Rooting

Here is the list of items you need to download

Extract Odin 3 and run the Application file inside. Extra CF-Root- and save the .tar file inside to somewhere you will easily access it. Here is a detailed post on the process. It is really simple Click PDA on Odin and mount the .tar file, attach your mobile and click start and hold your breath! It will take less than a minute and the whole process is done!

At this point I was excited I was through with the first step of my goal. I first worked with the phone for a couple of minutes to ensure everything was working fine and yap, all was good.

Now onto the MAJOR step – Installing a new ROM

I had done extensive research earlier in the day to ensure I understood everything that was involved with the process. I compared a number of tutorials on installing custom ROMs on a Samsung Galaxy SIII and this was the most accurate and the one I used.

I followed the step one at a time and in less than a minute I had the Jelly Bean version running on my Galaxy SIII. I have to say I am enjoying every bit of it. I has a cool blue theme, smooth UI and response seems to be a bit faster – this could be in my head but it sure seem so.

Anyways, here is the link to the post -follow it step by step and you should have Jelly bean running on you phone without any issues.

After you are done with the installation, install a QR reader and scan the code below -that is one App you must not forget if you leave in Uganda.