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Should I Put Prices on My Website

This is a question that is raised by almost every small business website owner out there. It is a challenge that is faced by Meka marketing team with almost every vendor we add onto the platform.

My answer and response to this question is and will always be “Why not?”

Well, here is the list of the top responses I always get;

  1. My competitors will know what I charge
  2. I don’t want to scare people off with my prices
  3. I don’t have the same prices for some items. Sometimes I charge depending on how the client approaches me.

Just like Karen Skidmore of Can Do Can Be, my response is or I would like it to be
“Rubbish rubbish rubbish” *unfortunately for me I can’t get to tell my prospects that – they say it is being RUDE

Before we get into the reasons why, here is something interesting from

Marcus Sheridan of Social Media Examiners
I recently spoke at a conference of about 100 business owners where I asked a very simple question:
“How many of you here today talk extensively about product cost and pricing on your company website?”
Can you guess how many raised their hands? If you guessed “1,” you’re right. Only 1 person in 100 had actually discussed pricing on his/her company website.

But here is the other shocking statistic—when I asked these same business owners what percentage of their customers ask about pricing and cost within the first few minutes of an initial contact/conversation, every person in the room raised his/her hand.

Surprising? Of course not. People like to know how much stuff costs.

That’s just the way we’re all wired.

If that is not good enough for you, here are more reasons why you should include prices/rates on your website

  1. Trust – Many customers (myself included), will not do business with a company that is not upfront with their prices and fees. Why waste time clicking twice or writing an email or even calling you up only to find that your services are too expensive for me or too cheap (too cheap mean probably poor!)
  2. Too expensive – this follows up from trust. By default whenever a customer check out a service and there is no prices indicated, we tend to think the service is too expensive. I know you know it and have thought so on more than one occasion.
  3. Wasting time – this is not only on the customer’s side but the seller as well. You waste time answering questions from this potential client only for him to hear about the price and go “Oh, I am sorry I am not able to afford that!”
    Plus on the client side, why waste my valuable time contacting you for something that you can easily put right there?!
  4. Assured sale – When you have all the important information on your website, the clients that contact you already have made up their minds. The conversion rate of your website is much higher. It saves time by getting in assured sales.
  5. I decided to put this last – Screw the competition! Yes, screw them. I mean why waste time worrying about them getting your packages and prices instead of you doing what you are good at? Your business.

If the competition wanted to get your prices, it is VERY easy. He/she could call and pretend to be a prospect or even email. How hard can it be?

Do not waste time getting into petty price wars, be bold, brave and clearly state your prices so your potential clients know exactly what they are in for, so that when they make contact, they are ready to make the decision to buy.

Oh I should add, there are two companies – ones that recognize the value they give to customers and are proud of their pricing, and ones that are afraid their products don’t carry enough value to get what they’re asking for.

Make the right decision.

How to hack PS3 and play pirated games – 100% Tested

Not my composition – didn’t want to lose it so here it is…

Learn how to hack PS3.This is intended for all those who have problems with installing ps3 costum firmware. You do not need to own jailbrake stick, everything u need is usb with an least 256 mb (fat32). I’ve tried several combinations and finally found the right one and I will share with you. Hope that you’ll have no problems with installation.


First step

First of all make sure you’re PS3 has 3.55 official firmware or older version. If is not, please downgrade to 3.55 first. Google it for how to install.

Thanks to Zamp suggestion, as i forgot : You have to use signed pkg made for 3.55 or you will get error occurred during the install operation (80029567)

Download link : kmeaw CFW 3.55 Patched PUP

Create on the root of a USB (formatted FAT 32) the following folders: \PS3\UPDATE\

Second step

Access to the Playstation recovery menu:
Turn off Plastation 3
Hold The power button down; The system will turn on and turn off once again.
Once the System has been shutdown, re-press you finger until you hear 2 consecutive beeps
You will be promted to plug in your controller via usb and then hit the PS button
The Recovery menu will pop up.
Go to System update > Update via Storage Media and instal kmeaw CFW 3.55
After reboot you should see the install package file and the app_home/PS3_GAME/ inside the Game Folder

Last step

Download lvl2 patcher (lvl2-v9.pkg) and multiman (1.16+)
Make sure to save the files on usb root directory
Navigate to install package file and install them (XMB)
And remember before run multiman make sure to run lvl2 patcher first
Load game from external or internal and enjoy! Easy done PS3 hacking!

If u want to play ps3 games via portable usb hard drive

-Make sure that is FAT32 and if is not you can convert from NTFS to FAT32 with Paragon Hard Disk Manager eazy and fast (
-Then download the game u want and add it to the following folder \GAMEZ

-Game folder you downloaded must contain (BLES, BLUS) number. (ex. \GAMEZ\BLUS-30490)
list with numbers (
-Start the game from backup manager (eg. Multiman, Rogero) and enjoy.

If u want to transfer games from PC to PS3 via FTP

-First download filezila ( and install to you’re Pc.
-Then download PS3 FTP Server ( and install to you’re PS3
-Open FileZilla and press the ‘Site Manager’ button (Under ‘File’ in the top left hand corner) then press ‘New Site’ ant set up host: (view from ps3 FTP server) port: 21 server type: FTP Logon Type : Normal User: FTPD12345 pass: (leave blank)
-You will see a tab that says ‘Transfer Settings’. You want to limit the connections to 2 (One for browsing the PS3 and one for transferring.. If you set this to 1 you will only be able to browse the PS3 if you’re not transferring anything).
-hit Connect!
-Browse to folder (BLUSXXXX) on your PC and transfer the entire folder to /dev_hdd0/game/(BUM DISC ID)/GAMEZ on your PS3
Start the game from backup manager (eg. Multiman, Rogero) and enjoy.



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