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Stop Pitching & Listen First

Image Credit | Glassdoor Blog

Image Credit | Glassdoor Blog

This is something that has been said time and again but it amazing how fast we forget.

How many times have you listened to someone pitch to you about their product or service and they go on and on about all the awesome features and how it is magic and yet all that they are talking about does not benefit you or is of no interest to you? You simply zone out and the person becomes a blah blah blah talking puppet!

In reality you could use their service or product BUT he/she did not first find out what your issue/challenge or problem is. They simply jumped you with all these “cool” features that ended being useless to you.

To my fellow sales/marketing folks – THE KEY TO GREAT SALES PROCESS IS LISTENING
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2014 Resolutions

Well, happy 2014!


I have never been big on making new year resolutions or even caring much about starting a new year -Its always been a change in  numbers. This year though, I intend to do it differently.

I have for the first time made a couple of resolutions and I am sharing them here to remind myself that you know and that you will definitely notice when I fail! (I am a bad loser and very much hate failing)

Here goes;

  1. Be more social – turns out my circles or real life (read physical) connections are limited! I interact more and definitely have more connections online than physical connections. (I intend to join one of the Rotaract Clubs in Kampala for this)
  2. Change my sleeping circle. For the last couple of years, I have been sleeping for averagely 4 hours and with sleep time starting after 2am earliest. (As I type this, I have already failed on this – It is now 1:41am and I am clearly not about to go to bed!)
  3. Try to maintain/keep an 8am-5pm working schedule to make more time for family and friends
  4. Communicate more! I have lost a lot because of my poor communication habit (Including two girlfriends and a couple of friends)
  5. Try to maintain a working out schedule (I run 4KM at least twice a week)
  6. Perfect my cooking skills

Wish me luck!
Ps. I missed to add, get a girlfriend (possibly marry her in 2-3 years) 😉

Marketing/Sales and I

A couple of days ago I was given an opportunity of leading the business development team of a certain technology company in Uganda, before I even considered meeting the country manager of the company, I took some time to think about my career path. The job(s) I have held, the responsibilities I have had over the last 5/6 years since I finished University and I was reminded (I actually saw the partner!) of what I have now known for the last 3 years – I studied Information Technology (and I am good at it) BUT there is something about Selling, something about getting someone to buy in on what you are offering that is gets me extremely excited.

Anyways, I enjoy reading and learning about sales and marketing a lot and here is a little something I read up awhile ago that  that can change your success selling or handling any task in like.

“To get good at Marketing, think like a four year old!”


This is my little man Lucas (He is 3 and half now), he asks ‘why?’ until you have practically told him everything!

This was a blog shared by David Fallarme of Growth Hero

When facing marketing problems, take a cue from kids: keep asking questions until you’re satisfied with the answers.
By doing this, you are actually doing these two things;

  1. You end up getting as much information as you can which in turn minimizes the chance that you could have missed something small.
  2. You are able to surface any hidden assumptions and test them.

If you have time, do read the full post on the link above.