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Lip Kissing Kids – Is there anything wrong with it?

Turns out this is a very sensitive topic for many people – so I have discovered!

Lets forget for a minute what I think is right or wrong. Continue reading

Bob the Steed – Customization Project

We only have such a limited time on this world and yet the things we want to do, the plans we have can never (all) fit within this limited time.

From the time I got my first vehicle, I have been a big fun of customization – most people call it pimping, – but I refuse to call it that. To me, it is making adjustments to what is the default style of something and making it more personal.
If you have any clue about who I am, you definitely know that I am a speed junkie, love speed and everything fast – No, I haven’t driven a sports car yet, hopefully before I die! Continue reading