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Mountain Biking in Kampala

Following my crazy schedule, long working hours and non-stop meeting after 5pm, commitment to the gym became close to impossible. Plus, the gym gets pretty boring very quickly if you do not have a working out buddy.


Why struggle keeping up when you can have fun with an alternatives?! So, I figured its best I get alternative and mountain biking was one of them. If you read my last post, I talked about all the other cool stuff I intend to do this year – if you haven’t read it, here you go!

First thing you need to start Mountain biking obviously is a bike. I was impatient and naive so I went to Game Stores and bought me what I thought was a great bike, a Totem XC330 – Ya, it didn’t work for me. It cost me about 650,000Ugx

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 3.09.34 PM

Here is why;

  1. It has an ancient gear system – this made my riding horrible. The climbs were a nightmare since the gears wouldn’t shift smoothly
  2. It felt weak – I was already scared going down hill that any moment the frame will break and that will be the end of me.
  3. It had an old braking system – Yeah, I learnt about this when I started riding. You need disc brakes for better safety.

On the other hand however, It was a green beauty. 

Fast forward, I sold it and bought a second hand Boss Convertit is an entry level Mountain bike but it has the bells and whistles one needs to get started. I had todo a few customizations to it mainly changing the gear system. I wasn’t comfortable with the grip shifter so I replaced them with number push shifter. Oh! I also changed the seat. The original Boss seat was too small and to hard on my fragile pelvic bone. I had to replace that with an after market seat that is more comfortable. All this cost me about 440,000Ugx

First thing you should always do after getting a bike is service it – matter of fact, service your bike as often as need be. I service mine on a monthly basis because I only take it out four times a month.

Usually it is the wheel balancing, gear re-alignment and chain maintenance

Usually it is the wheel balancing, gear re-alignment and chain maintenance

This last time however, the freewheel hub had its own issues, these are some of the things that you need to get done to get a smooth ride.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 3.22.29 PM

I ride with a group of awesome people every Sunday morning for an exciting 20Km ride which is either around Kampala or the Lake Side along L. Victoria. I shall be posting about the rides including the falls that I have had in the last couple of rides. Nothing to worry about it, nothing was broken only bruised body parts. But where is the fun without a few falls?

Notice that brown on the my blue shorts? Yeah, this was last Sunday where I had a fall that had me all covered in dust.

Notice that brown on the my blue shorts?
Yeah, this was last Sunday where I had a fall that had me all covered in dust.

Till later have a great one.

2018: The Year of Adventure

Nile Special has nothing to do with post. Though I have to say, that picture.. that previous night, was the first I ever enjoyed Nile Special

Nile Special has nothing to do with post. Though I have to say, that picture.. that previous night, was the first I ever enjoyed Nile Special

It is interesting that I am making this post about 2018 when it is already 46 days into the year! I have done a lot in these 46 days;

  1. I have hiked one mount-ain 
  2. Showered in a waterfall
  3. Cycled over 87Kms

I shall be posting about all these events shortly.

Back to 2018 being the year of adventure, I intend to do a lot of things that I have always wanted to do in the past but had not done any of them due to different issues – main issues being fear and laziness. Here are some of the plans I have for 2018, we shall see how well I shall have done by the end of the year.

  1. Mountain Bike a total of 1,000Kms
  2. Hike 7 mount-ains
  3. Go Backpacking – destination is not yet set at this point
  4. Start two businesses
  5. Take the family camping three times, that once every quarter

I can’t say how excited I am about this year, the beginning has actually been a bit shitty but I am positive it shall end on high note.

Here is to a GREAT 2018

To New Roads & New Challenges

They say time flies when you’re in the place you’re meant to be. I can’t believe that I was at Africa Broadcasting for over a year, It seems just like yesterday (as cliche as it may sound) that I got into the Marketing office!

Handling NTV and Spark TV, which are two very unique and powerful brands in the region was one of the key milestones in my life. I stumbled a number of times, fell, cried and cursed (myself and few other people) a couple of times but it was all worth it at the end of the day.

I still remember the day I got a phone call from Aggie (the Managing Director), the interview and then my day one! Walking into the office without anyone to handover to me! I was literally thrown in the deep end… But thanks to the always available support from Aggie and the whole team, I was able to get up to speed and find my footing.

Then there was Jackie who was the Brand Manager at the time, one of the most hard working individuals I have had the opportunity to work with. It is no surprise that she is now a brand custodian of one of the biggest hospitality brands in the region. I am positive she will kick a$$ and take names.

The whole of NTV and Spark TV team, all the way from the Sales team (I can’t even list names because it is the whole team – every one of them!), the production team, Newsroom (Maurice – Always available whenever I needed your support), Creative (Xena – I shall miss our fights. I absolutely admire your drive and passion) and technical… the digital team, Patra, Bonny and Emma, you guys are an awesome team, that is eager to learn and be the best. Like Steve Jobs said, Stay hungry. Stay foolish!  – ABUL has one of the best minds and individuals this country has to offer.

The different clients, suppliers and partners that I worked with or interacted with, my apologies where I came short – one thing I can assure you is, I was trying my best :)

In short, this is to say, thank you all, and I am glad our paths crossed :)


Life is all about new challenges… As I take on my next challenge, I hope our paths shall cross again.


Whats the point of buying cool toys?


I am not the best person at taking care of material things – mostly cars, which is strange. Yet, I love cars and speed and all things fast!
Anyways, a few months ago I took a risk [- that is what most people called it] and bought one of the rarest cars on Ugandan roads; An Alfa Romeo. You see, not only is this vehicle too low [ground clearance], it completely has no spare parts on the local market [but then again who needs local shops when the internet works *wink wink*]

Anyways, so I have been getting nonstop questions about why I would buy such a car and why I wont buy another car, a cheaper car that I can drive to work everyday instead of the Alfa.
Usually I simply answer “It is what I wanted!” but here is real truth; Yes.. it is what I wanted, from the very first time I saw an Alfa in Kampala, I still remember it very well. It was an 1998 model, 156 in Black and it was owned by someone that worked with Barclays bank, Namirembe road [If you are the person that owned that Alfa, lets meet for a drink or two]. I promised myself that one day I would drive that car – well a better model. Years down the road and here we are!!

About why I drive it everyday, I mean why buy something that you wont enjoy? Everything gets old and dies at one point. I say, you want something so bad and have hustled so hard to get it, enjoy the living hell out of it.

Ok, I am done!

Now if you are vehicle enthusiast like me, this December 17th 2016, we are having an NTV Revved Up Auto Show 2016 at Panamera. Come through and lets see what Kampala/Uganda has to offer when it comes to vehicles.