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After a number of failed attempts to sit in front of the computer and read the 4 Hour Work Week  by Timothy Ferriss, I have finally bought the Audio book and I have to say, I am having so much fun listening to it.

[highlight]Update August 2013! I actually got to

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Startup Lessons from Ordinary day Situations

This is a post written by Sean Percival an entrepreneur from Los Angeles. I totally loved the way he derived startup lessons from what  a majority of people in India live through everyday.

What is more interesting is that the traffic in Uganda, Kampala is equally bad, the roads are pretty much the same –

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To Get Featured in Media, DO NOT PITCH YOUR PRODUCT


This is another one of the many articles that I stumble upon and find very interesting and worth keeping that I repost on my site

[dropcap style=”1″ size=”3″]E[/dropcap]ntrepreneurs that are looking to get attention from bloggers and journalists will often pitch their businesses themselves or though a PR agency.

It’s sad that

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List of 15 venture capital firms

Guest article by Mike Lebus, co-founder of Angel Investment Network. Part of The NextWomen Africa Theme.

Here is a list of 15 venture capital firms (some home-grown and some foreign) looking to take advantage of the opportunities Africa has to offer.

1. Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm EchoVC (, which has invested in companies such

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