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[RE-BLOG] 5 Things People Will Pay The Most Money For

Here is an article by David Risley I stumble upon yesterday – made a lot of sense I had to re-post it here..

The Importance of Understanding Your Prospect Psychology

A successful marketer doesn’t just sell knowledge. They sell what is most valuable to the prospect. The knowledge is a means to an end, but you SELL the end.

Not only that, but you have to realize what they REALLY want. They don’t care about a massive brain dump. When you try to sell that ebook, they don’t care about how big the ebook is and how much is in it. Usually, newbie marketers who go down that road end up on a race to the bottom…. they’ll try to sell on the “get all this for a really low price” approach. Hmmm….

That approach can still work in some markets, but it is working less and less. I’ve used it (even recently) in the tech niche. But, it has limited workability.

So, while it might be a good idea to have some low-end offers out there which you can market in that way, the best way to make a LOT of money is to go for higher-end products with higher price tags. To do that, you need to think about what it is people are willing to pay the most for.

Here are 5 of them…

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Attempt at design

Graphics design is not something I am very good at.
Once in awhile I get to try my hands at designing something or at least putting  together something.

Today, my old woman asked me to design a package label for packed chicken. She has a chicken farm and she is thinking about selling packed/frozen chicken. Well here is my attempt at getting her a label.

I hope she likes them #FingersCrossed

Chicken Tag

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Life, Dreams, Work & Retirement

In the bestselling book The Four Hour Workweek, Tim Ferris asks the thought-provoking question,
“How do your decisions change if retirement isn’t an option?”
For the sake of argument, let’s pretend that retirement does not exist. You work, and you work, and you work, and then, you die.
If this were the case, would you truly wait another thirty or forty years to start implementing the ideas that are planted inside your head and heart right now?
Would you wait another thirty or forty years to start living the life you truly want to live?