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My Experience With a Sore [business] Loser

Sometime last year I met a client online who runs an apartment rental services, tours and travel and an art gallery. He is a very friendly and good guy to work with.
What he wanted was someone to transfer his old three basic static (html/css) sites (which were developed a number of years back to) WordPress.

I have worked with WordPress for a number of years so this was a simple task. I put my guys to the task and all was going well until we started getting issues with his hosting company.

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Mobile East Africa 2014

Those who haven’t heard, I will be speaking at this year’s Mobile East Africa conference in Nairobi on 13th February at Southern Sun Mayfair Hotel.


This year’s theme is Expanding Mobile data usage & driving monetisation through industry collaboration

My presentation:

With a current average cost per transaction of 11.89% and $60 billion sent annually from the diaspora is the time right to shake up international money transfer?

CASE STUDY – Introducing Redcore Interactive’s platform

  •  The current international money transfer landscape put into perspective and why it’s due some disruption
  • platform – a service that makes sending remittances to mobiles, faster, cheaper, and more convenient to users
  •  Initial results, feedback and reflections

You can check out more information below;

About Mobile East Africa
The 2014 Speakers
Day 2 Agenda (That is the day I am speaking)

Stop Pitching & Listen First

Image Credit | Glassdoor Blog

Image Credit | Glassdoor Blog

This is something that has been said time and again but it amazing how fast we forget.

How many times have you listened to someone pitch to you about their product or service and they go on and on about all the awesome features and how it is magic and yet all that they are talking about does not benefit you or is of no interest to you? You simply zone out and the person becomes a blah blah blah talking puppet!

In reality you could use their service or product BUT he/she did not first find out what your issue/challenge or problem is. They simply jumped you with all these “cool” features that ended being useless to you.

To my fellow sales/marketing folks – THE KEY TO GREAT SALES PROCESS IS LISTENING
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